Video cameraWith Office 365 being such a large offering, your rollout will probably be delivered in phases.  Short, targeted videos provide a great way to complement, or in some cases replace, other training.  It can also provide a cost-effective solution for multiple locations.  Your instructional and comms (Build the Buzz) videos are branded according to your company processes. Where Microsoft videos are good enough , we will use those, thus, as they are free, it saves you having to pay for us to create a video.


We provide various styles of video including: 

  • Video used to ‘Build the Buzz’ using visuals only, with background music
  • Video showing caption-based instructions with background music
  • Training video with spoken instructions, ‘callouts’ and optional captions
  • Videos are of short duration and can be provided in many file types.

Here are some examples:

1-minute Build the Buzz video example with music and captions (OneNote)

3-minute video example using caption-based instructions with background music (Microsoft Planner)

9-minute training video example (Office 365 Collaboration Tools)

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