BooksWhat do we mean when we say we are client focused?  It means that we are passionate about focusing the training around our clients’ needs. We take the time, for courses and training projects, to understand the current knowledge level and objectives, and design your course to fill the gaps; this is included in the price. To customise a course, we liaise with the main contact to establish some company basics.  This will enable us to understand more about their objectives for requesting training, who are the attendees, what work do they do, perhaps request some example files or a list of challenges they have. We can also supply a Training Needs Analysis Questionnaire to identify their current knowledge levels, if required.


Post Course Support – included with all training courses

BooksWe all know that “if you don’t use it you lose it”, our post course support mean that you can have a refresher session whenever you need it.  Our training sessions are supported post course, for all attendees at no extra cost.

  • Online materials – easy to navigate course manuals and Quick Reference Guides are available online via our Client portal, so you have help when and where you need it without having to carry lots of paperwork.
  • “No Time Limit” post course support means that you can email us or call us any time after your training to ask a question, clarify a feature or for an entire reminder of how to use a function.


Quality assurance and performance

RibbonWe test the quality assurance and performance of our services in the following ways:-

  • Create well defined aims and objectives
  • Provide course evaluation questionnaires for all attendees
  • Send post course follow up questionnaires for random attendees
  • Measure adoption KPIs with analytics
  • Ongoing review of service and delivery with regular communication with the project sponsor

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