RibbonRolling out an entire new working environment like Office 365 is not as simple as just scheduling training.  Adoption is an equal factor in the success of a rollout/upgrade project, people have to want to use it just as much as they need to know how to. 

Ensuring that colleagues at all levels understand the reasons behind the decision to move to Office 365 will help everyone get on-board and start to feel excited about the fantastic options available to them.

Your Businesses may also be rolling out Office 365 in conjunction with other big changes, perhaps an Office move, or a change to hot desks with reduced available working area, thus promoting working from home. We can keep all of these changes in mind and relate all learning to the benefits and changes afoot.

For small to medium sized businesses, PWM can support the adoption process from the outset, for larger companies we will engage one of our trusted adoptions specialists.  We will get involved in your project as early as possible to understand your business and the challenges that Office 365 will solve.  These messages can then be the focal point of all communication.  This time investment at the beginning enables us to talk to all colleagues in your business language and use your business file examples throughout the adoption and training process, which really does make an enormous difference to user engagement and information retention.

Our traditional adoption support options can be taken as singular or joint services: -


Comms Messages

RibbonWith the support of key stakeholders, which doesn’t just mean “the bosses”, but influential colleagues within your business too, we can we can suggest and help to create key messages as well as short videos or reference pages to “Send to All” prior to and during the rollout.



Champions Network

RibbonThere may be official, certainly unofficial, super users within your business already, those people that colleagues gravitate to when they need help.  These can be your business advocates or champions.  By training them up first, and to a higher level, they can provide reactive and immediate support within your business, which is invaluable because they are already part of your business.


Build the Buzz

RibbonAlongside the comms messages, which are vital for adoption, PWM Training can create awareness videos to explain the project and each feature of Office 365.  This will build colleague confidence by getting them excited, and ensuring they feel part of the change process.  We can deliver open awareness sessions, lunch & learn is a popular session choice.


User Adoption and Communications – Full Support

RibbonWe offer a full user adoption and engagement service, which includes rollout success planning and communications strategy. You choose the level of help you need, from a full-time expert to a consultancy provision to support your in-house team.

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