We take the time, for courses and training projects, to understand the current knowledge level and objectives, and design your course to fill the gaps; this is included in the price.

Our post course support mean that you can have a refresher session whenever you need it.

Quality assurance and performance - We test the quality assurance and performance of our services, every time we deliver a course.

Rolling out an entire new working environment like Office 365 is not as simple as just scheduling training. Adoption is an equal factor in the success of a rollout/upgrade project, people have to “want” to use it just as much as “know how to”. Building the buzz and building a community of support within your business and supporting comms is a vital part of rollout success.

Delivered in-house - Classroom training, Floorwalking, Champion network support, Drop-in clinics, Build the Buzz/Lunchtime learning sessions and Induction training.

Virtual Classroom Training allows anyone to participate globally in a live online training session without leaving their desk.

Pick & Mix - Simply book a trainer for a date that suits you, then pick & mix the topics and applications you need to cover!

Bespoke Systems training and Training Admin support

Short, targeted videos provide a great way to complement, or in some cases replace, other training. It can also provide a cost-effective solution for multiple locations.

The Learning Hub knowledge base provides a central point for learning materials and videos, help guides and other learning support, enabling users to connect to appropriate and up-to-date content to reference in their own time.

We provide a Service Desk Support package, working alongside your engineers and receiving ticket allocations. We will deal specifically with Microsoft Office user level issues.

Did you know there have been over 250 user-level changes for Office 365 subscribers during the last 6 months? Don’t miss out, don’t have your workforce re-invent the wheel with features or apps newly available. Keep up to date with our Office 365 Evergreen Newsletter

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