Pick and Mix explained

Duration Time
Up to 1 hour
Office 2016 1 hour per session
Office 365 1 hour per session
We have extensive experience of delivering short focused online learning sessions of up to an hour. We normally use Microsoft Teams however we can use your preferred online meeting space software.
Listed below are some examples of our most popular sessions:-
- Setting up a Yammer network to communicate across your organisation
- Centralise communications by creating an intranet in SharePoint online
- Hold efficient and interactive meetings using Microsoft Teams
- Keep in touch and share ideas using Teams and Channels
- Replace your “meet you in the kitchen” chat
- Co-author your files using Teams and SharePoint
- Use OneDrive to manage and share your files
- Sync and work offline with Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive
- How to collaborate in an Excel spreadsheet
- What’s new in Microsoft Excel 365 - desktop app
- Our favourite features of Office 365 desktop apps
All training courses are customised to suit your Office 365 build and your business processes. Explaining features and functions in your business context will help your team to understand which app to use, why and in what scenario; we can use your own business example files too if it will help. Please get in touch to discuss how we can create a personal training package to suit your team needs.
You can pick and choose your sessions, or we can create a completely bespoke session for you. These are delivered online using Microsoft Teams, in a schedule to suit. We recommend not to deliver all training in one day; spread it over a few days. Small chunks of learning are more successful, and learning is retained much more easily.
Please contact us for a chat to see how we can help.

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