Microsoft Word

Duration Time
1 day
2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 or Online

Do you want to master Word and become an expert at quickly creating professional documents? Our Word courses will get you started with the basics of simple document creating and formatting or teach you advanced features of document production and reviewing.

Essentials Overview

The first in our series of Word courses is perfect if you are new to Word or self-taught and looking to find quicker and easier ways to do the basics. You will learn how to format text with ease, create bulleted or numbered lists, set up a document for printing and use find and replace to quickly update content. By the end of the course, you will have everything you need to master the basics.

Download the full course outline
Word Essentials Course Outline
Create and open documents
Use document templates
Save documents and use Save As
Use views, rulers and zoom control
Change page margins
Work with multiple documents
Save documents in PDF format
Insert and edit text
Navigation and selection techniques
Use Find and Replace
Move and copy text
Use the drag and drop Navigation Pane
Change font colour, size, colour and other effects
Apply spacing formatting
Use the Format Painter
Apply bullets and numbering
Apply tabs and indents
Use the Spelling and Grammar checker
Use the Thesaurus
Insert page numbers
Insert headers and footers
Use Print Preview
Set print options

Intermediate Overview

The second of our Word courses builds on your existing skills to learn how to enhance your documents with the use of tables and pictures and how to create and store bespoke styles to match your companies branding.

Download the full course outline
Word Intermediate Course Outline
Review of Essential Skills
Insert and edit tables
Add and delete columns and rows
Merge rows and columns
Draw tables
Split and merge cells
Apply table formatting
Perform calculations
Insert tabs and indents
Apply bullets and numbering
Manage multi-level numbering and bullets
Use the pre-set document styles
Add, edit and delete styles
Use the drag and drop navigation pane
Insert columns and column breaks
Manage section breaks
Add and align images
Insert text boxes
Use the drawing toolbar
Insert page borders
Add headers and footers
Perform a Mail Merge
Set print options

Advanced Overview

Our third Word course is aimed at those who want to become Word power users. We focus on working with longer documents, so using heading styles, Tables of Contents, indexes and cross references. We see how to work with forms and macros and the much improved features around reviewing documents.

Download the full course outline
Word Advanced course outline
Create and save a template
Edit templates
Set document protection
Create a form
Insert form fields
Set form field properties
Activate form fields with document protection
Apply and edit Styles
Insert a Tables of Content
Insert an index
Insert headers and footers
Insert footnotes and endnotes
Insert cross references
Insert a cover page
Use advanced find and replace
Use the Navigation Pane
Use track changes
View and add comments
Accept and reject document changes
Make document comparisons
Record a simple macro
Run macros
Edit macros

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