Microsoft PowerPoint

Duration Time
1 day
2013 / 2016 / 2019 or Online

Do you want to master using PowerPoint for professional and dynamic presentations? Our PowerPoint training courses will give you the skills to produce slide decks that enhance your presentations. You will learn how to use animation and transitions, use images and charts and use drawing tools. With all these skills in your pocket, you will be able to create modern and stylish decks to make your presentations soar.

Essentials Overview

This course is perfect if you are new to or self-taught in PowerPoint. You will learn the basics of creating new slides with different layouts, how to use templates and themes and how to organise different slides. You will be able to make the slides of your presentation come alive with the knowledge you gain on animation and transition. By adding photos and learning all the fun techniques at your fingertips to enhance them you can discover how to free your slides from lots of text and make your audience experience a more enjoyable one.

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Essentials Course Outline
Create and open a presentation
Apply themes and templates
Add slides with different layouts
Add text to slides
Insert pictures
Add charts and tables
Add SmartArt graphics
Work with drawing tools and manipulate objects
Add animation and transitions
Prepare for presenting

Advanced Overview

Building on your essentials skills and knowledge you will learn more advanced tools to enhance your presentations even further. You will learn to make your own templates by adapting slide masters and themes, how to use hyperlinks and actions buttons to navigate around the slides in any order and link to supplementary documentation and how to use custom shows. You will also learn more about the art of effective slide design and how to use images to tell stories and backup the message of your presentation.

Download the full course outlines

Advanced Course Outline
Advanced Course Outline
Create and modify templates and themes
Use the Slide Master
Add audio and video
Create interactive slides
Apply animation to objects
Set custom animation
Use images instead of text
Create custom shows
Presentation tips and tricks

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