Microsoft Outlook

Duration Time
1 day
2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019 or Online.

Dealing with e-mail is central to the way everyone works today. Sometimes, the amount of e-mail we must deal with can feel overwhelming and frustrating. Our Outlook courses are designed to help you get on top of your e-mail by showing how best to organise and manage e-mail, how to use different features to improve the e-mails you send and how to efficiently manage your calendar.

Microsoft Outlook Training

This course is designed for anyone wanting a thorough understanding of Outlook functionality. You will learn the different features around sending e-mail, how to use signatures and attachments, and different options for organising e-mail such as using folders, rules and search. You will see how to effectively manage your calendar, learning how to organise meetings and get on top of your schedule. Finally, we look at using Tasks as a simple way of keeping ‘To-Do’ lists.

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Outlook Topics
Navigate the main Outlook window
Send and receive e-mail messages
Use the Ribbon to format messages
Create and use Auto Signatures
Reply to and forward messages
Set different message options
Recall and resend e-mail
Send and receive attachments
Send links to files
Save received attachments
Use different views
Create folders
Move messages to folders
Delete messages
Search for messages
Create saved searches with Search Folders
Flag messages
Categorise messages by colour
Use different calendar views
Create personal appointments
Arrange meetings
Create and use a contact list
Create and share tasks
Set up and use QuickSteps
Use the Out of Office Assistant
View colleague’s Calendars
Send the Calendar via e-mail

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