Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a recent addition to Office 365.  It is another collaboration tool, designed to assist teams and departments to work together in an effective and efficient way.


Teams is so easy to use and has so much familiar functionality that you could probably start using it straight away without much guidance. But this video will give you a heads up and help getting you going with it quicker and smarter.

In the video we look mostly at the main part of Teams, which is the Conversation part. We see how to join and create different Teams, and then how to hold conversations within those Teams, so how to instant message, link to documents and add emojis and GIFs. We talk about the files part, so how files can be added to a conversation and the Team. We also look at Chat and Meetings, and how it’s possible to link to other content directly from the Team.

Overall, Teams is a great tool for collaboration. Further enhancements are sure to come (you can’t invite external customers and partners yet), but already it provides a really modern, dynamic and fun way to collaborate.

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